The objective of the Trust is to provide stable and secure cash distributions of income while preserving net assets attributable to holders of trust units. Our mandate is to seek returns commensurate with risk and adopt a long-term strategy for growth and capital preservation.

For nearly 15 years we have managed investor capital with integrity, as if it were that of our family and friends and, indeed, much of it is. Our track record has been perfect, and we will continue to strive to meet this standard and your expectations. We are committed to building long-term solid relationships with our Investors that lead to long standing partnerships. We thank all investors for their ongoing loyalty, confidence, and support.

Investment Mandate

$250 million Assets Under Management, Average net yield to investors of 8% since inception with ongoing monthly distributions, 65% loan to value investments.

Historical Performance
Portfolio Growth
Mortgage Investments (Millions)

Owemanco Mortgage Trust Units are eligible for most types of Canadian registered plans

Trust’s custodians for the registered investments of our Unitholders

Trust’s Exempt Market Dealer

Benefits of Investing in Owemanco Mortgage Trust
With owemanco you are investing directly into tangible assets (mortgage secured real estate) to achieve an attractive risk adjusted return. These investments are not generally available to retail investors.
Consistent Returns

Returns from private mortgages have remained far more consistent than many other types of investments

Alternative asset class

Help smooth out the ups and downs of your portfolio with an alternative to public market stocks and bonds

Secured debt

In the unlikely event a borrower fails to repay a loan, we can take control of the property and sell it to satisfy the debt

Simple & understandable

The investment industry is constantly changing: there’s always a “new, shiny object”. Charging interest on mortgages is a tried and-tested strategy. For over 30 years we have been doing the same thing, and it works.

Our Process

Speak with us

Book a consultation with the Trust’s Investment team to learn more about the Trust and its performance history. Interested investors should contact Osama Iqbal Ahmed who is the Trust’s in-house Dealing Representative at Axcess Capital Advisors Inc., the Trust’s Exempt Market Dealer.

Suitability Analysis

The Trust’s Dealing Representative will complete a Know Your Client Form over a phone call with you to assess your suitability for the Trust and answer any questions you may have.

Trade Confirmation

Once your suitability has been assessed by Axcess and all documents pertaining to your investment have been received, your trade will be processed and you will receive a trade confirmation in the form of a subscription agreement.

Generate Returns

As an investor of the Trust, you will receive monthly distributions and ongoing special distributions. You will also receive investor correspondences from the Trustees of the Trust and access to the secure Investor Portal.
Performance of the Trust
Year Net Asset Value per Unit Net Cash Distributions per Unit
2022 $0.986 8.02%
2021 $0.984 7.1%
2020 $0.985 7.2%
2019 $0.995 7.7%
2018 $0.996 8.4%
2017 $0.993 7.4%
2016 $1.001 7.5%
2015 $1.010 8.1%
2014 $1.010 8.2%
2013 $1.000 8.4%
2012 $1.000 8.5%
2011 $1.000 8.0%
2010 $1.000 9.0%

Risk Profile

Loan to Value
Geographical Segmentation
Asset Segmentation

What types of mortgages do the funds invest?

Review some of our key criteria for selecting investments below. If you would like to discuss our investment policies in more detail please reach out to us.

Loan to Value

A key metric to evaluate a loan inquiry which typically does not exceed 65%. The threshold varies based upon:

  • Asset Class,
  • Location,
  • Type of Financing


Loans are secured by real estate situated in urban metros across Canada and the United States.


Exit Strategy

The Borrower must provide a valid exit strategy for the project as reviewed by the owemanco investment committee. Additional considerations such as pre-sale requirements, collateral security, and covenants may be required by the lender to support the exit strategy.



We carefully monitor the composition of our investment funds to ensure that you are investing in a diversified mortgage portfolio:

  • No loan represents greater than 10% of a fund
  • No individual or entity can represent greater than 15% of fund

Reach out to our team to further discuss our diversification and investment policies for the Mortgage Income Funds.

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